Did you know that every time you register a domain name, the law requires that your personal information is added to the public "WHOIS" database, where it becomes instantly available to anyone, anywhere, anytime? By making your name, address, phone number, email and other personal information public, you, your business, and your family become vulnerable to spammers, scammers, and other Internet predators who can target you for solicitation, fraud, identity theft... or worse.

Perfect Privacy® eliminates these risks by ensuring that your personal information stays private. By signing up for Perfect Privacy when you register your domain, our information is published in the WHOIS database, instead of yours.

Equally as important, with Perfect Privacy you retain the full benefits of domain registration. You can sell, renew, cancel or transfer your domain; set-up name servers for your domain; and resolve disputes involving your domain.

To make your next domain registration private, register with Web.com or other associated registrars and simply choose the Perfect Privacy option during sign up.